PageNEXT website launches!
我們的網站成立了 !
by Pixie

On a sweltering summer day, PageNEXT core team members gathered at Asia Art Archive for our first activity: a photo shoot! As an image-savvy generation, what better way to introduce ourselves than through vibrant photos and a website to share our latest happenings.

In keeping with our group’s mission ‘Unfolding Possibilities’, we decided to use ‘Living in the Archive’ as the main focus of the shoot. Each of us brought everyday objects to AAA to see what amusing combinations would result by placing these mundane things in typically unremarkable settings. For example, one of us ‘flew’ a folder like it was a kite while another team member ‘swam’ in a sea of blue books. Through these images, we hope to inspire viewers to see the library as a fun place full of infinite possibilities.

Everyone was thrilled about the project. We were especially grateful for the opportunity to work with an excellent graphic designer, Javin Mo from Milkxhake, and a fabulous photographer, Joe Kwan. Big thanks to the entire PageNEXT team, especially Susanna, Kenji, Elvis, and Sam for coordinating the photo shoot! Well, PageNEXT please!


炎炎夏日,PageNEXT核心成員聚首AAA,進行第一個活動——-影相﹗作為慣於視覺影像的一群, 我們希望以相片去表達同介紹自己,再透過PageNEXT網站這平台去發放訊息。

「開拓無限可能」係我地成立PageNEXT的宗旨,所以我地一於將今次影相的主題設為 「生活在文獻庫」, 藉機會看看大家帶來的日常生活物件如何和亞洲藝術文獻庫產生微妙的磨合,引發驚喜:你會發現這邊廂有人 用文件夾放風箏,那邊廂又會有人在藍色書海中游水… 生活在文獻庫真的很好玩﹗哈哈哈哈☺ 我們很榮幸邀請到來自Milkxhake的設計師Javin Mo和很棒的攝影師Joe Kwan出手相助完成整個拍攝過程﹗

也非常感激每個PageNEXT成員的參與,尢其是Susanna, Kenji, Elvis, Sam的構思和籌備!





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